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How Can We Help?

PetExx are experts in pet health care. We can help you identify what your pet struggles with during their day-to-day life and suggest the correct supplements to help you help them!

Use the tiles below to help us identify how we can help you.

Does your dog suffer from diarrhoea?

Does your dog need to increase its fibre intake?

Does your dog have a urinary infection?

Do you want to improve your pets immune system?

Has your pet had an enzyme deficiency?

Does your dog have stiff joints?

Does your dog show signs of ageing?

Does your dog show signs of stress or need calming?

Does your dog drag or scoot its bum?

Is your dog over 8 years old?

Has your pet been off its food?

Has your pet been unwell and out of sorts?

Has your pet had liver problems?

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