How PetExx can help your dog

The world of pets is becoming more and more humanised from the way we look after our beloved furry friends to the improved options to feed our cats and dogs. Finding natural, healthy and safe supplements and products to provide general health benefits is the next stage of this and PetExx is your perfect partner. The taking of daily vitamins has been commonplace for humans and children for many years and the same principles for doing so are present in the animal world. Prevention is better than cure and if a cure is needed it can come with side effects which we do not always understand until it is too late. Taking a safe supplement as an alternative is better for our pet and still provides the relief from varying conditions our pets need and deserve. 

PetExx products are backed by science, used extensively on our pets at home and only contain ingredients known to be safe and beneficial for our beloved furry friends.

Digestive Issues

Much like humans when a pet is ill it may not want to eat but it is important to ensure the pet stays as healthy as possible.

Dental Care

A typical symptom of gum disease is bad breath often caused by excess plaque and tartar.

Anal Glands

Typically a dog scooting its bum is caused by a build up in the anal glands.

Skin and Coat

Our unique digestive formula contains Green Tea, Turmeric and EFAs – the perfect Immune System Boost 

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Your pets will certainly keep you on your toes. PetExx are experts in pet health care.