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Your pets will certainly keep you on your toes. PetExx are experts in pet health care. We can help you identify what your pet struggles with during their day-to-day life and suggest the correct supplements to help you help them!

Why is my dog limping on long walks and has stiff joints?

Pets develop arthritis in much the same way as humans and it can be old age or over activity which is common in pets and some breeds more than others. The solution for mobility issues is Mobility Boost and the ingredients in such a product are crucial. Glucosamine is a less expensive ingredient than chondroitin (contained in Green Lipped Mussel) for example so a product with sensible levels of all ingredients is key.

Why is my dog not eating its food?

There can be a multitude of reasons some listed above relating to sickness and diarrhoea. Much like humans when a pet is ill it may not want to eat but it is important to ensure the pet stays as healthy as possible. Energy Boost provides electrolytes which are lost in sickness and diarrhoea and other ingredients have benefits in giving the pet a boost of energy when normal food is not an option to do so.

Why does my dog keep scooting its bum?

Typically a dog scooting its bum is caused by a build up in the anal glands that can either be solved by a product such as Fibre Boost or a visit to the vet. The best option is to take a product to avoid the vet visit both from a cost and comfort perspective for your pet. 

Why does my dog have diarrhoea?

Pets get diarrhoea for many reasons. It can be eating something on a walk, a bug or a sensitive stomach. Diarrhoea is messy and for owners a solution is required quickly therefore Stomach Settler which resolves the issue in 3 days is the perfect option.

Is it ok to feed more treats when training?

The selection of treats is super important. Some are likely feeding endless chocolate to children and cause obesity but selecting a healthy nutritious treat that importantly pets love is possible. Our range of fish based treats are loved by dogs but they also provide dental care benefits, mobility benefits and brain ageing benefits.

Why is my dog so hyperactive?

Details pending. Our range of fish based treats are loved by dogs but they also provide dental care benefits, mobility benefits and brain ageing benefits.

How can I keep my dog calm?

There are a number of ways and all should be done in conjunction with each other. The environment at home and avoiding stressful situations both help but taken along with a calming supplement such as Stress Less will provide the most effective outcome. Stress Less is completely natural and does not cause drowsiness but does promote calm behaviour.

Why does my dog seem slow and forgetful? 

A little known statistic is that 50% of pets will develop the animal world version of Alzheimer’s disease. From the age of 8 or 9 it is increasingly common. However, many owners simply think it is old age and there is nothing which can be done to slow the process. Agile Mind does help slow the process with a cocktail of ingredients that work to slow the signs of ageing.

How can I help keep my dogs teeth white and clean?

Tartar and plaque build up causes a browning effect on pets teeth in much the same way as it does in humans. Using PlaqueExx on a daily basis over a consistent period is hugely beneficial in keeping teeth bright and white.

How do I tell if my dog has gum disease?

A typical symptom of gum disease is bad breath often caused by excess plaque and tartar. Using a daily treat such as Fish Cubes that helps to remove this is very beneficial to reduce the risk of gum disease and daily use with PlaqueExx is also extremely beneficial.

How do I stop tartar build up?

Dental health is one of the most common reasons a pet visits the vet clinic. Most typically it is due to bad breath caused by unhealthy teeth in turn caused by plaque build up. Ascophyllum is clinically proven to reduce tartar build up in pets and this is one of the key ingredients in PlaqueExx and the range of fish treats provided added care whilst giving your pet a treat.

Why is my dogs breath bad?

Plaque build up is extremely common in pets and this causes bad breath. PlaqueExx contains seaweed powder to remove the plaque and mint to reduce and remove the bad breath aroma.