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Enjoy a safe and happy staycation with your dog

Tips for happy and healthy British holidays and day trips with your dog!
Spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy a pet-friendly holiday or day trip with your dog. Limits on foreign beach holidays due to the COVID-19 pandemic will see more of us holidaying at home once lockdown is lifted. This will give us the chance to take our dogs on holiday with a pet-friendly staycation.

Where to go…

There are many dog-friendly properties in the United Kingdom where you can enjoy a relaxing UK staycation with your furry friends. Whether you want a beach break or a holiday in the beautiful British countryside, companies like Dog Friendly Cottages and Canine Cottages can help you find the perfect destination.

Try to choose a staycation that will suit both you and your pet. Your accommodation should be suitable, don’t pick a holiday apartment upstairs if your dog has joint issues or a busy holiday park if you have a nervous pooch who doesn’t like lots of canine company.

A beach holiday is perfect for dogs who love to swim, like spaniels and anywhere with long walks is ideal for a lively labrador. Check local beaches are dog friendly; some aren’t during summer months. Make sure local restaurants and cafes let you bring your pets out for meals if you intend to eat out. The Beach Guide is a great place to start your research.


The best thing about a UK staycation is the chance to enjoy lots of walks with your dog.

The amount of exercise your dog needs varies from breed to breed. A sizeable working breed like a Retriever needs up to two hours of exercise every day, a Chihuahua more like 20 or 30 minutes. Make sure you plan holiday walks that suit your dog as well as yourself.

Dogs don’t just need physical exercise; they need a brain workout too. Playtime and games are equally important. Remember to take some toys on holiday with you as well as a puzzle bowl for food time if you have a particularly active dog.

Natural joint supplements for dogs are an essential part of their diet, particularly as they age, to help them enjoy exercise and holidays. Added ingredients like glucosamine, omega 3, turmeric and green-lipped mussel are useful for supporting joints, reducing inflammation and keeping your best friend healthy and happy. So don’t forget to pack some natural supplements.

If they develop a noticeable limp, you should consult a vet while you are away. The British Veterinary Association can recommend.

Food and Nutrition

Holidays are a chance to kick back and relax, and that can see us eating different foods and letting healthy habits slip. That shouldn’t be the case for your dog, though. Remember to take their regular food and healthy nutritional supplements on holiday with you.

If they are the type of dog, who suffers from an upset tummy from time to time, remember to pack some Stomach Settler – but seek the advice of a local vet if they have continuous vomiting or diarrhoea or you suspect they have eaten something poisonous.

It’s hard to resist the hungry expression of a dog, especially when you are with them 24/7 on holiday. We recommend healthily, low fat treats like fish skin cubes to take with you. Or seek out a local pet shop as soon as you arrive in stock up your holiday kitchen with healthy pet snacks.

If your dog drags its bottom along the floor, that could suggest anal gland issues. Consult your vet and consider adding an easily digestible fibre supplement to their diet. This is available in powder form to sprinkle on their food.

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