Stomach Settler

Stomach Settler

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Petexx Stomach Settler Paste is packed with essential ingredients to keep your dog’s stomach settled. Recommended for dogs with a sensitive tummy.

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Our unique digestive formula contains Pre & ProBiotics which increase good bacteria in your pet’s tummy, whilst also containing stomach-soothing properties.

Why choose PetExx? – All our products are packed full of ethically sourced, natural ingredients that are formulated and approved by Veterinarians. We help you provide quality care for your companion, helping you love your pet inside and out!

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Small (15ml), Large (30ml)

Care & Use

Paste to be given directly orally or can be added to food. Store securely in a cool, dry place at 15 – 25C. Not for human consumption! Please keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, seek medical attention immediately.

Dosage by weight cats & dogs:

Up to 15kg – 5ml once per day

15 – 30kg 10ml once per day


Enteroccocus Faecium – a probiotic lactic acid bacteria proven to normalise faecal consistency & maintain a healthy gut bacteria which flourishes in the gut environment

Bentonite Montmorillonite – a negatively charged clay which attracts positively charged toxins and removes them from the pets body

L-Glutamine – founds in high protein foods a deficiency in L-Glutamine damages the digestive tract and means cells need replacing

Electrolytes – these are essential to keep your pet hydrated and to ensure normal body function especially during a recovery period

5 reviews for Stomach Settler

  1. Kathy Mullin

    My Old Shar Pei , Alfie, had suddenly gone off his food, and his stools were like water. So we tried this and after a few days he gradually started eating again, still only small portions, but he was eating, after about a week, he is now back to normal with his eating, his stools are firmer, but I plan to use the Pet Exx Fibre Boost to just make sure he’s not dehydrated. Would highly recommend this stomach settler, just for getting him eating properly again. I buy this weekly now, just as a top up, to make sure he has a settled stomach

  2. Mary58

    Love it. Our Jack Russell Judy is always scavenging for food but really any rubbish. So gets an upset stomach regularly which is horrible and messy. Gave Stomach Settler for 3 days and sorted. Back to normal. Have used again and again and always does the trick

  3. JaySchuley

    Good product. Did the trick

  4. Maureen Harvey

    We keep this at home in case our dog gets an upset tummy as it settles him down quickly and he takes the paste on a bit of cheese or chicken. Good to keep at home in case of emergencies.

  5. Mark Carroll

    Started using Stomach settler for both my terriers who were suffering with upset stomach and bad runs! And after a few days both were fine. Saved on vets bills as I didn’t have to go. Definitely worked for us and always have a spare one at the house. Highly recommend to try before the vet visit.

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