Ear cleaner for pets - contains eucalyptus oil

Ear Cleaner


PetExx ear cleaner for dogs and cats containing eucalyptus oil

This soft non-abrasive ear cleaner works to remove dirt and wax from the ears without causing irritation.

Available in a 250ml bottle with a easy to use nozzle

The PetExx team has two cocker spaniel members and they know how to get dirty, itchy, irritated ears.

Trying many different variants we learned many are abrasive and make the problems worse not better. As a result we have added PetExx Ear Cleaner to the range of products because extensive testing shows it is gentle not abrasive and importantly leads to clean, healthy ears.


Made with Eucalyptus oil, citrus peel extract and bergamia leaf extract PetExx ear cleaner is gentle and easy to use.

The bottle is designed to easily enter the ear canal and allows the ear cleaner to be inserted then any excess easily wiped away.

The bottle size is 250ml.

Weight 227 kg
Pack Size

100g, 200g, 400g


Seaweed (ascophyllum)


Feeding Instructions

Each pot of PlaqueExx comes with a measuring spoon which contains 5g of PlaqueExx

Up to 10kg body weight – 1 scoop per day

10-20kg body weight – 2 scoops per day

20-30kg – 3 scoops per day

For best results continued use over a 3-8 week period is recommended


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