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Petexx Stress Less is packed with essential ingredients proven to help your dog cope with stress and keep them calm and happy. Recommended for nervous dogs who need extra comfort. Recommended to help dogs scared of fireworks and other loud noises.

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Our unique Stress Less formula eases anxiety, reduces stress, and calms your pooch, leaving them tail-waggingly happy!

This supplement is suitable to help dogs scared of fireworks or other loud noises.

Why choose PetExx? – All our products are packed full of ethically sourced, natural ingredients that are formulated and approved by vets. We help you provide quality care for your companion, helping you love your pet inside and out!

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Dimensions 115 × 86 × 21 mm

Care & Use

This tablet can be taken directly from your hand or added to your pet’s food. Store securely in a cool, dry place at 15 – 25C. Not for human consumption! Please keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, seek medical attention immediately.

Dosage by weight:
0-10kg – 1 tablet
10-20kg – 2 tablets
20-30kg – 3 tablets
over 30kg one tablet per 10kg


L-Tryptophan 100mg – an amino acid which helps reduce anxiety and stress in pets and humans working in a similar way to Serotonin

L-Theanine 50mg – another amino acid which is found in tea leaves and works in the same way as Green Tea to reduce stress and anxiety

Valerian 50mg – a herbal ingredient that helps reduce reduce interactions between neurons and nerve transmitters which in turn produces a calming effect

Vit B1 5mg – boosts the immune system making it more capable of withstanding stress

Vit B3 5mg – helps synthesise serotonin

Vit B6 5mg – helps metabolise amino acids in turn helping the L-Tryptophan and Theanine work more effectively

Vit B12 0.75Ug – plays a role in maintaining a healthy nervous system which in turn reduces cortisol reducing stress

5 reviews for Stress Less

  1. Mary58

    We bought Stomach Settler and it was great. So when lockdown ended and our dog Judy was on her own for the first time in a long time and not loving it at all we bought Stress Less. We tested first before leaving her on her own and it definitely calmed her down completely. We then left here and sneaked back to the house to see how she was and there she was calm as you like. Massively relieved.

  2. Maureen Harvey

    We use this in the run up to bonfire night and find it helpful. We had to experiment with the dose a little but have found one that is enough to help him relax even when it is noisy outside.

  3. Matt Walsh

    Great product, Derek my Springer over the last few years has become sensitive to noise, loud car exhausts, bangs and in particular fireworks. Since he has stared taking these he doesn’t take himself off to a quiet corner anymore, we have noticed such a difference.

  4. LK

    Really helped to settle my cockapoo who is so anxious
    Way forward now. If your dog shakes and pants they really do help to take the edge off their anxiety

  5. LK

    Really helped to settle my cockapoo who is so anxious
    Way forward now. If your dog shakes and pants they really do help to take the edge off their anxiety

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