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Probiotics for dogs and cats

What are the best probiotics for dogS and catS and how YOU CAN add them to YOUR PETS DIEt. 

Probiotics are live organisms that live in the gut and provide great health benefits. These good bacteria are often found in fermented foods and in supplements. 

A balance between good and bad bacteria is vital to your pets health! 

Just like humans, our dogs and cats have millions of bacteria living in their guts. It’s vital good bacteria, or probiotics, are kept in balance to ensure your pet has good digestion and can absorb nutrients from their food. 

When your dog or cat gets an infection there is more bad bacteria, which means the balance between the good and bad bacteria is out of sync.

Changes in this balance can make your pet sick in different ways. For example your dog might get diarrhoea, bloating, cramping, bad breath or general poor health. 

These symptoms could be caused by a change in food, stress, infections, a course of antibiotics, parasites or eating rotten or unsuitable food.

Pets of any age can suffer from digestive issues.

We also know that some dog breeds are more likely to scavenge food. And cats can ingest unsuitable items or too much hair if they practice excessive grooming.

Stress is also a big issue for our pets. This has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns, with routines changing quite dramatically for some cats and dogs.

Good bacteria can help eliminate the bad, and probiotics for dogs and cats are a great way to get the balance right!

If your pet tends to suffer from sickness or an upset stomach regularly, you should speak to your vet as there could be another cause. However, it could be due to a change in their microbiome, or the balance of bacteria in their gut.

One of the simplest ways to help restore the balance of bacteria is to add a probiotic to your dog or cat’s diet. PetExx Stomach Settler is an easy way to do this, particularly after a bout of diarrhoea or sickness in your dog or cat. 

The unique digestive formula of this liquid paste contains pre and probiotics.They increase good bacteria in your pet’s tummy, while also containing stomach-soothing properties.

Another natural supplement you could consider adding to your pet’s diet is PetExx Fibre Boost

PetExx Fibre Boost for Probiotic health…

This high density fibre supplement for dogs and cats comes in a powder that can easily be mixed in with food. 

Fibre Boost has added probiotics to help support the gut, along with the added benefits of fibre to supports stool firmness.

Probiotics are generally very safe and are extremely unlikely to cause damaging side effects in your pet.


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