Herbal stress relief worked for my dog

Kathy and her chihuahua Lily have benefited from PetExx Stress Less

Lily is a rescue dog and when she was adopted by Kathy she exhibited many signs of stress.

She was frightened of people moving their feet near her, gloves and being in busy places.

Kathy was keen to help Lily get socialised and tackle the issue of canine stress she was experiencing, so she decided to try PetExx Stress Less after previously using the Stomach Settler product for another of her dogs who was suffering from an upset tummy.

Kathy said: “We have used Stress Less before training classes and have noticed a real difference in Lily’s stress levels. We have even managed to take her to a dog friendly pub afterwards for lunch.

“I would definitely recommend PetExx Stress Less if you have an anxious dog.”

There are many ways to introduce herbal stress relief for dogs.

Valerian is one of the most widely recognised herbal remedies for combatting stress and is perfectly safe for dogs if it’s given in the correct quantities.

If used correctly valerian is a gentle way to battle stress and this herbal stress relief for dogs can be found in PetExx Stress Less.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the body make proteins and is a stress reliever. Again, used in the correct dosage this can be a safe and gentle way to help ease stress in dogs. It is also found in Stress Less.

Kathy is looking forward to more relaxed car journeys, walks and training sessions with Lily.

She added: “We want her to be as relaxed and happy as she can be and enjoy life now she has a loving home with us. We will continue to use Stress Less as and when we think she will benefit from it.”