Dental care for pets - contains seaweed and mint

PlaqueExx Subscription

PlaqueExx Subscription


PlaqueExx is the latest product in the PetExx range.

Made from seaweed and mint PlaqueExx is formulated to reduce tartar and plaque on pets teeth giving a healthier mouth and gums and fresher breath. The seaweed full name is ascophyllum and this ingredient is clinically proven to reduce tartar and plaque in pets. The added mint helps breath freshness.

Available in 3 sizes to suit all breeds – 100g, 200g & 400g

Weight 227 kg

Every 2 months, Every 2 weeks, Per Month


Seaweed (ascophyllum)


Feeding Instructions

Each pot of PlaqueExx comes with a measuring spoon which contains 5g of PlaqueExx

Up to 10kg body weight – 1 scoop per day

10-20kg body weight – 2 scoops per day

20-30kg – 3 scoops per day

For best results continued use over a 3-8 week period is recommended


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